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Let's be honest, nobody is showing you how to create your Living Trust, a Holding Company, Operating Companies, how to connect and file these entities. Nobody is out here showing you how to file your trademarks, manage your taxes, why and how to protect your personal assets, or even how to develop a product or service that people want.

We're not selling a subscription. We don't have a "Program" or magical overnight formula that will make you a millionaire in 5 minutes with ai. We don't have any snake oil.

What we do have is business experience and critical knowledge for Entrepreneurs. We share it the old fashioned way: in books. 80% of small business will fail. We can teach you what you need to know to avoid that group. Our books are easy to read, move very fast, and answer the questions that are keeping you up at night.

Try one. If it doesn't transform your understanding of business and shock you with the skills that we rapidly put in your head, then feel free to join the next ai guru that is promising millions while you sleep.

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Good Business Doesn't Need to be Difficult

We're dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs and existing business owners build successful businesses. We make things like Balance Sheets, P&L's, and company valuations easy to build, understand, and dare I say, exciting?! We provide the most effective and comprehensive ways to think about branding, product & service innovation, and how to protect your assets with properly structured business entities. We explain which ones to use, how to structure them, and why you need them. We do this with examples and relatable information that makes these topics simple and powerful in your hands. We cover traditional manufacturing and industrial business all the way to eCommerce strategies like affiliate marketing, drop shipping, fulfillment services, creating your own branded products, selling in the digital marketplace, and so much more.

Join our mailing list for updated and modern business tools, ai innovations, and answers to questions that nearly every business owner in America has. We're here to clear the fog and give you a fundamental understanding of what business is and how to do it well. Welcome.

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What will you get by joining the eMail list? Simple little things like small-business tax tips on how to legally expense your rent/mortgage to your company, reduce your taxable income while increasing your revenues, templates for Trusts to build your legal structure and protect your personal belongings from banks and creditors, new tools to help you find products to sell, modern ecommerce techniques for growing your audience, increase your sales, and possibly a few Dad jokes and puns. I will keep those to a minimum.